In The Bag

"In The Bag," updated every Monday, takes a look at the equipment used by PBA Tour stars during the previous Sunday's ESPN televised championship round. For more information on the PBA's Product Registered companies, please visit the Approved Equipment section of

50th Barbasol PBA Tournament of Champions

Jason Belmonte Ryan Ciminelli Scott Norton Rhino Page
AccessoriesStorm Towel
Turbo Grips
High 5 Sleeve
DV8 Towel
Vise Grips
Vise Tape
Columbia TowelStorm Towel
ShoesDexter Brunswick Dexter Storm
Bowling BallsStorm HY-Road
Storm Team Storm Black
DV8 Diva Divine
DV8 Hooligan
DV8 Polyester Glitter Gold
Columbia 300 White Dot
Columbia 300 Delirium
Storm Rocket
Storm HY-Road
Storm Ice Storm
Center ChestStorm BoltDV8ColumbiaStorm
Lower Left ChestRoll Tech
Lower Right ChestHigh 5Quiet Mind Bowling
Upper Left ChestCloud ConstructMaster
Upper Right ChestBelmoBuddy's Pro Shop
Lower BackStormDV8Team Columbia
Upper BackEileen's Bowling Buddy - I Believe
Lower Left SleeveDexterViseViseChron's & Colitis Foundation of America
Lower Right SleevePBAPBAPBAPBA
Middle Left
Middle Right SleeveXtra FrameIt
Upper Left SleeveIABItVise
Sean Rash
AccessoriesBrunswick Tape
Brunswick Towel
Vise Tape
Bowling BallsBrunswick LT-48 Vintage
Brunswick Rhino Plastic
Center ChestBrunswick
Upper Right ChestAOC
Lower BackBrunswick
Lower Left SleeveVise
Lower Right SleevePBA
Middle Left SleeveHigh School Cube
Middle Right SleeveXtra Frame
Rear CollarStrikes For Kids